Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tossed Into The Real World

Location: Building III MSU Campus

Before I came to college, I was so easily amused. I could draw with chalk in the middle of the parking lot by myself or go to the pool and circle ants with water so they couldn’t get out. Life was so simple. I was a sheltered girl and kind of oblivious to the world.

I have completed one year of college at MSU and I decided to share my many trials and tribulations in hope of finding myself and the better things in life. I’ve gone from being alone, literally not having any friends, to being let down by everyone that I eventually met. This blog is going to be about what I have learned and am learning and how I mature and cope.

I've met a lot of different people and done a lot of different things. There are tons of stories that my heart is really to tell. And I’m finally ready to TAKE GOOD NOTES and learn from the many lessons that life throws my way. 


  1. katie, i can't tell you how happy i am to have a friend in you. i am so glad you chose to come to mississippi state last year. you are an incredible person and have one of the most beautiful hearts i have ever met. keep shining katie.

    ♥ you

    oh, and i am loving all of our jokes and laughs we share. hugs!

  2. You have a beautiful soul, katie. you bring out the best in me and accept my worse. i love you and thank you, and i'm so excited to read what's next. you're not the only one taking notes.